Posted by: TC Maurice | August 26, 2010

Meeting Announcement

When: September 8th 2010

Where: Ohio Health Medical Campus, 300 Polaris Parkway, Westerville Ohio 43082

Time: 7:00 pm

Speaker: Scott Trostel

Topic: Lincoln Funeral Train

Scott Trostel, author of acclaimed book: THE LINCOLN FUNERAL TRAIN, and nationally noted speaker will talk about the Lincoln funeral train and national funeral of Abraham Lincoln.  Of the estimated 10,000 volumes written on Abraham Lincoln, this is the only book to detail the national funeral journey for Abraham Lincoln in 1865. It is the first new material written on Lincoln in over forty years.

Trostel, author of 38 books, recently appeared on the History Channel documentary; STEALING LINCOLN’S BODY. He worked both in front of the camera and behind the camera as a historical advisor during filming.

Beyond the History Channel project, he consulted to The Library of Congress on their gestures to honor Lincoln in this bicentennial year with a display involving the Lincoln Funeral Train.  

Trostel has undertaken the compilation of a second book on Lincoln’s rail journeys with a book covering the inaugural journey of the President-elect in 1861. It is expected to be released in 2010.

Other books include several titles about railroads in western Ohio. Trostel also writes about the WW II homefront with five books about the trackside WW II canteens and is about to release his latest title THEIR LETTERS HOME. He has dedicated a number Ohio Historical Markers around the state.

A current project heading for the presses is the story of the Lincoln Inaugural Train of 1861, which made an over night stop in Columbus. The book will be released later this year.

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