Posted by: TC Maurice | May 31, 2011

Meeting Announcement

When:   June 8,2011

Where:  Ohio Health Medical Campus, 300 Polaris Parkway, Westerville Ohio 43081

Time:  7pm

Speaker: James G. Ryan

Topic:  G.K. Warren at Second Manassas

The actions of Major General Gouverneur K. Warren at Gettysburg are well-known to many members of our Civil War Roundtable. Warren, serving as the Chief Engineer on the staff of the Army of the Potomac, noted the importance of Little Round Top to the Army’s defensive position on July 2, and scrambled to get first Strong Vincent’s Brigade (and Charles Hazlett’s attached Battery D, 5th U.S Artillery) and then Stephen Weed’s Brigade of the Fifth Corps to divert to defense of the eminence, thus stabilizing the famed “fish hook” position of the federal forces. Warren’s actions are commemorated by an iconic statue at the summit of Little Round Top.

What is less known is Warren’s pre-Gettysburg career as an infantry commander in the Fifth Corps, and the bloody debacle his brigade of Zouaves faced on August 30, 1862 at Second Manassas. On that fateful day, Warren noticed that the Charles Hazlett’s Battery D, 5th U.S. Artillery was unprotected and moved his men to protect the battery. Unknown to Warren, Major General John Pope and his second-in-command Major General Irvin McDowell, were stripping the entire left flank of the Union army of its infantry, leaving Warren’s 1,120-man Brigade precariously hanging in front of the 25,000 man force that Lieutenant General James Longstreet was preparing to launch in a massive flank attack.

Jamie Ryan will discuss the actions of Warren and his regiments at Second Manassas, and relationship between the actions that day and those on July 2, 1863 in and around Little Round Top.

Jamie Ryan, 51, is a charter member of the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable and has presented numerous topics to our Roundtable and other Roundtables around the State of Ohio.  Jamie has conducted extensive study of the Fifth Corps of the Army of the Potomac, and has visited every Fifth Corps battlefield. Jamie is a partner in Bailey Cavalieri, LLC, a Columbus, Ohio-based law firm, where he practices corporate law with a concentration on commercial lending, corporate transactions and unclaimed property law.

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