Posted by: TC Maurice | September 7, 2011

Meeting Announcement

When: September 14

Where: Ohio Health Medical Campus, 3oo Polaris Parkway, Westerville Ohio 43081

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Greg Biggs

Topic:   Nashville: The Siren’s Song of the Western Confederacy

In December, 1864, the Confederate Army of Tennessee laid siege to the massive Union fortifications and garrison of Nashville.  In a two day fight, that army was all but destroyed.  Their arrival at the city’s door was the culmination of Confederate strategy that began when the city was captured by Union forces in February, 1862.  Nashville, thereafter, became the “Siren’s song” for Confederate strategy in the west luring Confederate offensives no less than five times.  This program details the city’s importance and each of the five attempts to retake it.

Greg Biggs is a Civil War author, editor, researcher and tour guide specializing in the war fought in the western theater – in particular Sherman’s Atlanta campaign, the battle for Fort Donelson and CSA General Nathan Bedford Forrest.  He has held executive positions with several Civil War Roundtables and preservation and historical societies including the Western Ohio Civil War Roundtable, the Ohio Civil War Association, the Clarksville, TN Civil War Roundtable and the Montgomery County Civil War Preservation Society and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Center For the Study of the Civil War in the West at Western Kentucky University.

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