Posted by: TC Maurice | August 2, 2017

Meeting Announcement

When: August 9th

Where:  La Navona, 154 North Hamilton Road. Gahanna Ohio 43230

Time:  7pm

Speaker:  Matt White, Roundtable Member

Topic:  “Part and Parcel of the Late Rebellion”: The French Intervention War and the End of the American Civil War.

After Lee signed the instrument of surrender at Appomattox, Grant’s aide-de-camp Horace Porter remembered that the first words Grant uttered were “on to Mexico.”  He wasn’t joking about his Mexican War experience, he was serious.  In a month Grant ordered 25,000 troops to the Mexican border, 16,000 of whom were of the largely African-American 25th Corps. Grant stated in his orders “if war is to be made, they will be in the right place.”  To Grant, the French invasion of Mexico was “part and parcel of the late rebellion” and the Civil War would not truly be over until the French were thrown out of Mexico.  Grant wasn’t alone in his opinion, many people on both sides of1004cb182492c9c5efb58b40731d5b97 the border and both sides of the conflict understood the war in similar ways.  This talk will briefly explain the French Intervention War, and why and how ex-Confederates and the United States affected it.  We’ll cover battles like Palmito Ranch and Bagdad, and people like George Washington Williams, Henry Young, Jo Shelby, Phil Sheridan, Lew Wallace, RIP Ford, John Mosby, Dick Gatling, and a slew of other characters who became involved. Hopefully by the end of the talk you’ll never think of Cinco de Mayo the same way again.

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