Posted by: TC Maurice | September 6, 2017

Meeting Announcement

When:   September 13th

Where:   La Navona, 154 North Hamilton Road. Gahanna Ohio 43230

Time:      7pm

Speaker: Greg Biggs


 No army in history moved without a secure line of supplies especially if it moved into enemy territory.  If an army got cut off from its supplies then calamity usually followed often ending in defeat and/or destruction.  When William T. Sherman set his sights on Atlanta he prepared for the supplying of his army in a manner that surpassed every other Civil War general.  Rebuilding railroads and confiscating locomotives and cars to haul supplies, Sherman set a daily goal for shipments to his forward base in Chattanooga. Ruthless in making sure that only supplies got on the cars, Sherman also had to worry about protecting the line of rails that ran back to Louisville, Kentucky from Confederate raiders.  Building on a system begun by William S. Rosecrans, Sherman’s engineers built forts and blockhouses and prepared pre-fabricated trestles for replacing those brought down by Confederate raiders.  While his preparations were masterful and thorough, they were not without some flaws.  This program will examine the nuts and bolts of these logistics and cover the errors that were also made.  In the end, his supply line performed as expected and Atlanta was captured.  This set the stage for two more campaigns that Sherman would undertake before the war ended in April 1865 as well as logistics for more modern wars.

Greg Biggs has studied military history from the Spartans to modern wars for over 50 years with concentrations on the Napoleonic Era; Civil War; World War 2 and military flags of the 18th and 19th Centuries.  Greg has consulted with several museums,dsc_00784-e1316083429615 collectors and auction houses on Civil War flags as well as having written several articles on the topic in SCV publications, North-South Trader and Civil War News.  He has also done research for several Civil War authors and has written articles for Blue & Gray Magazine, Civil War News, Citizens Companion and others.  Greg has lead tours for Civil War groups of the Fort Donelson, Atlanta, Chickamauga-Chattanooga and Tullahoma Campaigns as well as tours of the Cairo/Mound City, IL area covering the start of the river campaigns.  He has also done numerous staff rides for US Army units stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.  Greg lives in Clarksville, TN with his wife Karel and the four cavalry cats.  He is president of the Clarksville CWRT as well as an officer of the Bowling Green and Nashville CWRTs.

Civil War Trust: Flags of the Civil War

September Presidents Message



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