Posted by: TC Maurice | April 26, 2018

Meeting Announcement

When:   May 9th

Where: La Navona, 154 North Hamilton Road. Gahanna Ohio 43230

Time:   7pm

Speaker: John Fazio

Topic:  Decapitating the Union: The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

This presentation reviews the evidence linking the Confederate Secret Service, as well as download (1)Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Secretary of State Judah Benjamin and Secretary of War James Seddon, to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the attempted decapitation of the Federal Government on April 14, 1865. John Wilkes Booth and his action team are considered in detail, but only in the context of an underground mosaic that included numerous other individuals and action teams who and which were primed to carry out multiple assassinations for the purpose of snatching Southern independence from the jaws of a toothless and chaotic government.


John C. Fazio has a B.A. and J.D. from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  Hedownload now lives in Fairlawn (an Akron suburb) with his wife, Mary, who is retired after a career in public relations.  Between them, they have seven children, all of whom have left the nest.  John joined Mary in retirement in 2015 after practicing law for fifty years.  He is a student of history, with an emphasis on European and American history and with an even greater emphasis on the most defining event in American history, the Civil War.  He is a member of the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable and has been its president.  He is also a member of the Lincoln Forum, the Surratt Society, the Cleveland Grays and the Western Reserve Historical Society.  He teaches Civil War history at Chautauqua Institution, frequently speaks on the war and other subjects before Roundtables and other groups and has written and published numerous articles on the war and other subjects.  In addition, he has written Decapitating the Union: Jefferson Davis, Judah Benjamin and the Plot to Assassinate Lincoln, after five years of research and writing.  The book was released in January, 2016.  Copies are available from, from other on-line book sellers, from some book stores and directly from the publisher (Morris Gilbert Publishing Company, 3422 S. Smith Rd., Akron, OH 44333).

Decapitating the Union

Presidents Message


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