Posted by: TC Maurice | October 25, 2018

Meeting Announcement

When: November 14th

Where:  La Navona, 154 North Hamilton Road. Gahanna Ohio 43230

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Ted Savas

Topic: A Dying Prodigy, Fake News, and the Fall of the Old South. The War Outside my Window: The Civil War Diary of LeRoy Gresham, 1860-1865.

TheWarOutsideMyWindowAn in-depth discussion about how one of the  most important Civil War Diaries was found, how it came to be published, the genius of the young teenager who wrote it, and the amazing insights we gain from it.

Theodore P. Savas is the Managing Director of Savas-Beatie, a leading independent trade publisher in military and general history titles.Ted in M1A1 Loader's Hatch

He graduated from University of Iowa College of Law in 1986 (with distinction), and practiced law in the Silicon Valley for many years. Realizing one day he would have to face St. Peter, he decided to go into honest work. Ted taught business and history classes for about 20 years, and has written or edited a dozen books (published in 7 languages) including A Guide to the Bas of the American Revolution, Hunt and Kill: U-505 and the U-Boat War in the Atlantic, Nazi Millionaires: The Allied Search for Hidden SS Gold.

His hobbies include scuba diving, smoking good cigars, drinking expensive gin, and playing bass and keyboards in the hard rock band Arminius.

In connection with Ted’s visit, Savas Beatie is making the following offer to all our members. Please note that the offer is open through October 31st, so please act soon.

 We have set up a special for COCWRT members only. 

 35% off any of our titles currently available, a signed author book plate with each book, AND $5.00 flat rate shipping for as many as they would like. ( The ONLY books this will not apply to are the Georga Regimental Roster set by Rick Allen. If that is ordered, we will cancel it on our end) 

 So here is how it works.

 1. Go to, set up a free account, and order 1 or more titles (no limit). Several payment methods are available, OR they can call the office at 916-941-6896 and place their order.

2.  Columbus members use code CWRTCO

     That will take 35% off in the cart at checkout, etc.

 3. This offer EXPIRES on the night of October 31st to allow us time to process the order. The books will be shipped to the Columbus RT and dispersed at the meeting.




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