Posted by: TC Maurice | January 2, 2019

Meeting Announcement

When:  January 9th

Where  La Navona, 154 North Hamilton Road. Gahanna Ohio 43230

Time:   7pm

Speaker:  You!     Annual Roundtable group discussion

Topic:   “The Changing Historical Perspective on George McClellan.”

Please come to the meeting ready to listen to some of the recent reappraisal’s of Little Mac’s generalship and to argue whether these perspectives have any validity.  Mike Peters will be making a presentation on the history of scholarship on McClellan, and then Tim Maurice will discuss his personal experience on his attitude toward McClellan and the effect of recent scholarship on his views. I will moderate the discussion but also give some insight into  why I feel that many of the histories written from 1940 to 2010 treated McClellan incorrectly.


Major General George McClellan and Mrs. McClellan

Presidents Message

The Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District


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