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Meeting Announcement

When:   February 13th

Where:  Motts Military Museum.  5075 South Hamilton Road. Groveport Ohio.

Time:    7pm

Speaker:  Dan Masters

Topic:       21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Stones River

The 21st Ohio Infantry underwent its first serious taste of battle at the Battle of Stones River on December 31, 1862. The regiment really encompasses the general experience of 206a1869e6550ddbf921d9f724604b39the Army of the Cumberland at Stones River: driven back on December 31st with heavy losses, the regiment redeemed its fortunes in a desperate charge across Stones River on January 2nd. This talk will feature first hand accounts from a number of men in the regiment and explain how their actions in the cedars on December 31st proved crucial to saving the Federal center, and how their famous charge on January 2, 1863 helped break the back of Braxton Bragg’s army and secure victory for the Union. 

I’m 43, married, with 6 children; and work as a supply chain and planning manager for Materion Corp. in Elmore, Ohio. Education: a 1994 graduate of Bowsher High School in Toledo, and a 2002 graduate of the University of Toledo with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Pursuing a masters’ degree in American History at Bowling Green State University. 

My real passion however is history, specifically military history with a focus on Ohioimages Civil War history, and local military history in general. I have published five books thus far, four of them on the different aspects of the Civil War, and have had 11 articles published (mostly Civil War related) including one in Maryland and one in Tennessee. Sherman’s Praetorian Guard (published in 2017) was awarded the Center for Archival Collection’s Local History Publication Award in 2018. 

I’ve also put together several historical videos, including one about a B-36 crash that took place in 1951 that has received over 200,000 views since I posted it to YouTube in 2014. 

As far as scholarly work, I constructed two major newspaper correspondence indexes for the Center for Archival Collections at BGSU- one indexes all of the Civil War-era newspapers from northwestern Ohio counties. The second index includes all of the WWI-era newspapers in Wood County. A complete resume (with links to the videos and several of the articles) can be found on my LinkedIn page:         

I own and operate Columbian Arsenal Press, a small publishing firm that focuses on putting into print first hand narratives of the Civil War from Ohio soldiers. Our website is here:      

I also have a research blog that I post things to on occasion which can be accessed here:     

This year I will be publishing at least two books: Army Life According to Arbaw which features the Civil War experiences of William A. Brand of the 66th OVI and the Seneachie Letters which presents a collection of letters from William Mosby McLain of the 32nd OVI. Arbaw should be out in March, Seneachie by the summertime. Long term project is a collaboration with Larry Strayer on a three volume project with a tentative title of Echoes of Battle which features nearly 300 accounts from Ohioans throughout the Civil War: from Philippi to Appomattox and hundreds of points in between. 

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