Future Speakers



January 9th— Annual roundtable membership discussion. Topic:  The changing interpretation of George McClellan.

February 13th — Author Dan Masters. Topic is “21st OVI at Stones River.”

March 13th — Author and guide Frank O’Reilly. Topic is “Barksdale at Fredericksburg.”

April 10 — Author and guide Dan Welch. Topic is “Gettysburg Campaign, June 3-July 1.”

May 8th — Author Michael Shaffer. Topic is his book “In Memory of Self and Comrades: Thomas Wallace Colley’s Recollection of Civil War Service in the 1st Virginia Cavalry.”

June 12th — Mosby expert Eric Buckland. Mosby-related talk.  Detailed stories about six of the men who rode with Mosby’s Rangers.

July 10th — Professor Jennifer Murray. Topic is “Gettysburg National Military Park.”

August 14th — NPS guide/ranger Steve Phan. Topic is “Defenses of DC.”

September 11th — Good Dude Phil Spaugy. Topic is the actions of the 19th Indiana Color Guard on 1 July 1863

October 9th — NPS Ranger and Park Historian at Appamattox Patrick Schroeder. “Battles of Appomattox Station and Court House: Final Fury and the Last to Die.”

November 13th — Author and Guide Rob Orrison. Topic is “Bristoe Station.”

December. No Meeting, happy Holidays

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