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Secretary Zinke Announces $7.2 Million in Grants to Protect American Battlefields Nationwide  

American Battlefield Protection Program Awards $1.7 Million to Support Acquisition of Malvern Hill Farm

CVBT Purchase Closes Off Commercial Development in the Flank Attack Sector 2017


The General William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Roundtable 2018 Program Schedule

Eric S. Johnson has spent the past ten years researching and writing about a topic close to his heart—honoring the soldiers who fought during the Western Indian Wars. Even as the United States celebrated the end of      the American Civil War in May 1865, violence continued in the West, as it would for much of the rest of the century. Indians, pushed ever westward by the encroachment of civilization, fought back. They made war upon the settlers, the infrastructure, and the economy of the West, while men of bad character attempted to gain their own advantage. Indeed between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the century, the men of the U.S. army were called to service on the Western frontier. More than twelve hundred men answered their nation’s greatest calling, giving their lives in service to their country. These men, their service, sacrifice, and heroism are finally recognized in Eric’s first book.

Eric’s meticulous research has culminated in a 400-page hard cover book with more than 65 photographs.

No Greater Calling: A Chronological Record of Sacrifice and Heroism during the Western Indian Wars, 1865–1898, published by Schiffer Books. Check it out at and

Congratulations, Eric


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