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Meeting Announcement

When:    July 9th

Where:  Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:    7pm

Speaker: Jamie Ryan

Topic:   George Gordon Meade, “Before Gettysburg”

Jamie Ryan is a charter member of the COCWRT and has presented numerous topics to our roundtable and other roundtables around the state of Ohio. Mr. Ryan has conducted extensive studies of the Fifth Corps of the Army of the attorney_42Potomac and has visited every Fifth Corps battlefield. Mr. Ryan is a partner in Bailey Cavalieri, LLC, a Columbus, Ohio‐based law firm, where he practices corporate law with a concentration on commercial lending, corporate transactions, and unclaimed property law.
At our July meeting, Ryan brings us George Meade before Gettysburg.  Mr. Ryan will describe the prewar career of Meade and examine his extensive experience as a brigade, division, and corps commander (of both the First and Fifth Corps) before his promotion to commander of the Army of the Potomac.

July Newsletter

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Meeting Announcement

When: June 11th 2014

Where: Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:  7pm

Speaker: Roger Pickenpaughuntitled

Topic:  “Captives in Gray: Union Prisons”

Roger Pickenpaugh is a retired history teacher. His first Civil War book was Rescue by Rail (Univ. of Nebraska Press, 1998), It told the story of the transfer of the 11th & 12th Corps, Army of the Potomac, to help relieve the siege of Chattanooga. His Civil untitledWar prison books, all published by the University of Alabama Press, are “Camp Chase and the Evolution of Union Prison policy,” “Captives in Blue,” and “Captives in Gray.” “Captives in Gray” received the James I. Robertson Prize, presented by the Central New Jersey CWRT. Pickenpaugh lives with his wife and co-researcher, Marion, in Caldwell, Ohio.   

June Newsletter

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Meeting Announcement

When: May 14th

Where:  Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Mike Weaver, Round table member and author.

Topic:  Col. Thomas Worthington of the 46th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at  Shiloh

Mike Weaver as Col. Thomas Worthington

Mike Weaver as Col. Thomas Worthington

Mike Weaver is a pastor, writer, publisher and actor.  His interest in Thomas Worthington’s story with the 46th OVI began as a high school student investigating his great, great, grandfather Theodore Cook’s participation in the war with the 46th. As an actor, Mike has at different times interpreted Theodore Cook and Col. Thomas Worthington from the 46th for school and community groups, as well as the Columbus Bar Association’s Civil War Roundtable.  In 2010, he edited and reissued Thomas Worthington’s account of the 46th Ohio at Shiloh A Brief History of the History of the 46th Ohio Volunteers.    Mike also interprets the 16th Century reformer of the church, Martin Luther.

May 2014 Newsletter

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Meeting Announcement

When: April 9th

Where:  Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:  7pm

Speaker: Scott L. Mingus Sr.

Topic:  “Extra Billy Smith”

Confederate General William “Extra Billy” Smith: From Virginia’s Statehouse to Gettysburg Scapegoat

 William “Extra Billy” Smith, the oldest and one of the most controversial Confederate generals on the field at Gettysburg, was also one of the most colorful and charismatic characters of the Civil War and the antebellum Old South.


Known nationally as “Extra Billy” because of his prewar penchant for finding loopholes in government postal contracts to gain extra money for his stagecoach lines, Smith served as Virginia’s

governor during both the War with Mexico and the Civil War, served five terms in the U.S. Congress, and was one of Virginia’s leading spokesmen for slavery and States’ Rights. Extra Billy’s extra-long speeches and wry sense of humor were legendary among his peers.A lawyer during the heady Gold Rush days, Smith made a fortune in California and, like his income earned from stagecoaches, quickly lost it.

Despite his advanced age Smith took the field and fought well at First Manassas, was wounded at Seven Pines and again at Sharpsburg, and marched with Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania. There, on the first day at Gettysburg, Smith’s frantic messages about a possible Union flanking attack remain a matter of controversy to this day. Did his aging eyes see distant fence-lines that he interpreted as approaching enemy soldiers—mere phantoms of his imagination?—or did his prompt action stave off a looming Confederate disaster? What we do know is that his calls for support diverted limited Confederate manpower away from attacks against Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill that might have turned the tide of Southern fortunes in Pennsylvania.

Mingus’s biography draws upon a wide array of newspapers, diaries, letters, and other firsthand accounts to paint a broad, deep, and colorful portrait of one of the South’s most interesting leaders and devoted sons. Complete with original maps and photos, Extra Billy Smith will satisfy anyone who loves politics, war, and a great story well told.

About the Author: Scott L. Mingus Sr. is a scientist and executive in the paper and printing industry. He is theWrightsville09140901_s author of Flames Beyond Gettysburg (2010) and five wargaming books, and maintains a popular blog on the Civil War history of his home in York County, PA, for the York Daily Record ( He is also a sanctioned Civil War tour guide for the York County Heritage Trust and together with his wife Debi, publishes CHARGE!, the leading international newsletter for Civil War miniature wargaming.

April Newsletter

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Meeting Announcement

When:   March 12th

Where: Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:  7pm

Speaker: Harry Smeltzer

Topic:   “McDowell’s  Plan for Bull Run: Brilliant, Sound or Something Less”

Irvin McDowell’s Plan and Other Bull Run Misconceptions. This program will explore what the presenter feels are popular misconceptions surrounding the First Bull Run campaign, with primary focus on the army commander’s intentions up to the early hours of July 21, 1861. We will discuss how we have come to know the story of Bull Run as we know it, various primary sources and secondary accounts of the campaign, treatments by historians and institutions, the general interest (or lack thereof) of Civil War enthusiasts in the details of the campaign, and other related – or even unrelated – topics. As always, the audience will likely play no small role in the content of the program as it progresses.

Harry Smeltzer, host of Bull Runnings, lives just outside Pittsburgh, and was born and raised in Southwestern PA.  He earned an undergraduate degree at The Pennsylvania State University and a graduate degree at the Katz School ofHarrySmeltzer4 the University of Pittsburgh.  He’s been published in the journal Civil War History, The Civil War Monitor, Civil War Times, and America’s Civil War.  He was a Contributing Writer for America’s Civil War and is a Digital History Advisor for The Civil War Monitor. He is Vice-President of the board of directors of the Save Historic Antietam Foundation.  He’s presented programs on Bull Run and digital history related topics to organizations in five states and the District of Columbia. He’s available to lead tours of the battlefield of First Bull Run, and has been hosting Bull Runnings since November 2006.

March Newsletter

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Meeting Announcement

When:   February 12th

Where:   Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:     7pm

Speaker:  Zach Fry

Topic:      59th New York  Infantry

Zach Fry graduated from Kent State in 2010 after participating in the Gettysburg Semester at Gettysburg College with Allen Guelzo, and  also interned with fellow Buckeye Wayne Motts at the Adams County Historical Society.  His honors thesis at Kent was a social/military history of the 59th New York, which was also the subject of his two Gettysburg Magazine articles in 2006 and 2009.  It’s currently under review with KSU Press.  Zach is a member of the Civil War Education Association, the Society for Military History, and the Society of Civil War Historians.  He’s now a Ph.D. candidate and graduate teaching associate in the Military History program at Ohio State, where his adviser is Mark Grimsley; His dissertation topic examines how the politics of emancipation affected the organization and administration of the Army of the Potomac.

Mr. Fry’s topic of the 59th New York, as the articles will show, deals with the oddity of 125 Ohioans serving in the regiment through its trials in the West Woods at Antietam, the streets of Fredericksburg, and behind the wall on Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg.  He will tackle a controversy or two along the way.

February Newsletter

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