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The Civil War in Indian Territory

Roundtable members and and friends, below is a link to Toms write up on Zachary Cowsert’s talk on the Civil War in Indian Territory. If you were at the meeting you know that it was a fun talk about a little know subject. if you weren’t then thanks to Tom your going to feel like you had a front row seat!

Civil War in Indian lands

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Meeting Announcement

When:  August 12th

Where:  Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time:  7pm

Speaker: Phill Greenwalt

Topic:  The Battle of Groveton

Phill Greenwalt is co-author of Bloody Autumn: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864 and Hurricane from the Heavens:The Battle of Cold Harbor (both with Daniel Davis). Phill graduated from George Mason University with a M.A. in American History and also has a B.A. in history from Wheeling Jesuit University. He is currently a historian with the National Park Service at George Washington Birthplace National Monument and Thomas Stone National Historic Site. He started with the National Park Service as a historical interpreter intern at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. He currently resides in the historic Northern Neck of Virginia with his wife, Adel.



  • Calamity in Carolina: The Battles of Averasboro and Bentonville. Savas Beatie, 2015. (co-authored with Daniel T. Davis)
  • Hurricane from the Heavens: The Battle of Cold Harbor. Savas Beatie, 2014. (co-authored with Daniel T. Davis)
  • Bloody Autumn: The Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864. Savas Beatie, 2014. (co-authored with Daniel T. Davis)
  • “A Scary Sequel: The Battle and Ramifications of the Battle of Brawner’s Farm at Second Manassas.” Hallowed Ground. Summer 2012. (co-authored with Daniel T. Davis)

Atlanta Campaign Tour

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Meeting Wrap Up

Zach Cowsert

Zach Cowsert presenting  to 45 members and guests at the Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable

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Meeting Announcement

When:  July 8th

Where: Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time: 7pm

Speaker:  Zachary Cowsert

Topic:  “The Civil War in Indian Territory” In early months of 1861, Native-Americans of the “Five Civilized Tribes” (Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole) looked on with increasing fear and consternation as the Union tore itself apart.  These proud tribes, once residents of the southeastern United States, had been removed several decades prior to Indian Territory (modern Oklahoma).  As the nascent Confederacy grew, Native-Americans faced a crossroads:  should they ally with the South, attempt neutrality, or remain loyal to the United States? In this presentation, Zac Cowsert explores the political dilemma faced by Indian leaders in the summer of 1861, and how those decisions produced one of the most destructive Indian wars in American history, leaving Indian Territory in ruins and its inhabitants destitute or dead.Zach

Zac Cowsert graduated from Centenary College of Louisiana with a bachelor’s degree in history and political science.  He is currently pursuing his doctorate in history at West Virginia University, where he also earned his master’s degree in history.  His master’s thesis explored the Civil War in Indian Territory, a topic upon which he hopes to build his dissertation. Zac has worked previously for the National Park Service at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park.  He contributes to Civil Discourse, a blog of the Civil War era, and his work has appeared in Hallowed Ground magazine of the Civil War Trust.

July Newsletter

Conservation Fund: Historic Lands

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Meeting Announcement

When: June 10th

Where: Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Howard Strouse

Topic: “Lew Wallace; Glory in which arena?”wallace

The path to fame for this American soldier, political figure, and 19th Century author, was diverse and replete with setbacks.  As a youth, Wallace yearned for recognition as a soldier; but he was an indifferent student, and lacked the educational commitment required for admission to West Point. He studied law and became an attorney; but he never really liked the legal profession. He dabbled in politics; but, it took our Civil War to set him on a remarkable path to lasting fame and glory as a soldier, governor, and author.

Howard Strouse, a native of Ohio, was born during World War II.  He has been a student of 19th Century History for more than fifty years.   He holds advanced degrees in American History and Government from Webster University in St Louis.He worked as a Federal Special Agent, and as a Director in a major security program with the Department of Defense.  After a career that spanned almost thirty-six years, he retired from the Federal Civil Service in 1999.strousehoward

He is a current member of several civil war roundtables, and he is a past General-in-Chief in Columbus, Ohio.  He is a frequent lecturer at roundtables, colleges and universities; and at civic organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution and Mensa.  With his wife Pat, Howard lives in Ohio during the summer months, and in Arizona during the winter.

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Meeting Announcement

When: May 13th

Where: Otterbein University. Towers Hall 3rd floor. Room 318. Westerville Ohio 43081. Please go to the “About the COCWRT” tab for more information.

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Van Young, Roundtable Member

Topic:  What if the South had won the Civil War?

Van will be sharing his thoughts on ‘What if the South had won the Civil War’.  A controversial and debatable subject as to the question of what would our life, country, and world be like if the war had a different outcome.  He will share his “alternate history” views on how the South could have won the war and the impact it would have had on U.S. geography, economics, slavery, civil rights, and global consequences.   Which major battles could the South had won?  What if Lincoln had lost the 1864 election?  Where would you be living, and would your life be better or worse off than it is today?

Van was born and raised in Ohio.  He has been a resident of Columbus for the last 34 years.  One of his retirement goals was spend time studying and learning about the Civil War since his retirement in 2012 from AT&T.   Van is active in two other area civil war organizations and is part of a Worthington Presidential Round Table discussion group that meets on Monday mornings at the Griswold Center.  He spoke recently on the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee and soon will speak on the subject of Lincoln and Colonization.

He resides with his wife Nancy in Worthington and looks forward to visiting many of the battlefields and museums associated with the Civil War and our American history.

May Newsletter

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